Affordable Housing Consultant Services
Effectively delivering home ownership programs to low-to-moderate income families is a major challenge for the affordable housing industry. The Urban Home ownership Consultants (Urban Institute USA) and First Providence Realty, Inc (FPR) understands that these challenges are both social and economic.
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Community Outreach Program
Urban Institute will coach your organization on partnering with a multiplicity of agencies throughout your city, ensures that residents living in Urban Communities are provided with a seamless array of quality referral and supportive services from both within and outside the agency.
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Family Self Sufficiency Service Model PHA's
Urban Insititute Family Self-Sufficiency Program was developed to help families and individuals become financially independent. Participation in the program requires a personal commitment by the participant.
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Relocation Services Specialize in Hope VI
Urban America is committed to assisting your organization during the relocation process. As such, the following administrative functions are conducted to ensure a smooth transition.
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Home Ownership Institute for Urban Communities
Urban America Home Ownership Institute seeks to move people from dependency to self-sufficiency. Through an intensive educational and training program, the Institute specialize in assisting public housing residents who are committed to the goal of becoming home owners.
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Process Design Skills
At Leadership Strategies we recognize that "the right thing done the wrong way" can alienate, create divisiveness, and be a major cause of implementation failure. Therefore, our facilitation specialists listen closely to your objectives, issues and potential obstacles.
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Ministry Facilitation Skills

Our Church facilitation specialists are professionally trained to effectively manage group interaction. We are experts in applying the Facilitator's Methodology™ - our proprietary, ten-step facilitation approach which includes over seventy-five specific techniques for executing successful group sessions
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Generous Giving Program
Tithing, of course, is as old as Moses, but Urban America Tithing Program differs significantly from other tithing practices in several ways.
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Womens Action Network

The Moses of Urban Development
Author: Tim Brown

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